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So you want to play the Ukulele?

By their very nature, ukuleles are fun instruments. Happy sounding and with a little bit of effort and practice, not too difficult to play. But where to start?

With such busy lives, it's often difficult to commit to a series of lessons, so we resort to resources such as books and YouTube...... but there is another way. This will not only enhance your learning, but also give you the opportunity to ask questions, seek advice and feel that you are not alone.

So how does it work?

Not wishing to reinvent the wheel, our workshop modules are loosely based around the excellent beginner YouTube Video Lessons by Phil Doleman, available: Here

1: Complete Beginner Lessons by Phil Doleman

Phil Doleman's "Complete Beginners Ukulele" tutorials are free on YouTube, assume no previous knowledge and include hints and tips across 5 carefully structured lessons.

Each lesson is no more than 20 minutes (some a lot less) and they introduce a variety of techniques, chords, strumming as well as tuning, posture and sample songs. Just let Phil guide you through.

2: Download our 5 Workshop Modules

Each module, one through five"roughly" follows Phil's lessons. They include a few additional bits for you to tinker with, plus references to additional resources.

3: Come along to our Free Ukulele Workshops

It doesn't matter which level you are at (even if you haven't been able to download the modules or watch the video).. Come and discuss your progress, ask questions, seek advice, meet other enthusiasts... you are not alone.

4: Stay and have a good old sing song

This is what it's all about. Download the latest songbooks (we always have some printed spare to use).

Ukulele Workshop Extras

Handy Chord Chart: It's a lot easier than you think.

How to Transpose: It's a lot easier than you think.

Alternative C Cord: A different approach to C Chord fingering.

The Circle of Fifths: Why Bother?

If it sounds right, it is right…