A handy A5 size reference chart covering most of the popular chords.

Laminated versions are available on club nights.


This is a handy double sided A5 chord reference chart for GCEA tuned ukuleles.

The design is so that once printed it can be folded in half and laminated. These versions will be made available on club nights.

Either standard re-entrant or Low G, the chords are the same.

Also included are hints and tips regarding moveable chords and transposing using the fretboard.

Moveable Chords

Where a chord covers all four strings and you can identify the "root note", you can use the same shape up and down the fretboard with the chord name following that of the "root note".

This will give you a huge number of alternatives.

Transposing using the fretboard

Using the chart, you can transpose between any key of the four strings by simply reading across the fretboard.

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