This page contains links to other sites and Ukulele stuff that you should find interesting. If any of the links are broken please contact and we'll review the site.

Free On-line Dementia Friends Support Programme

Dementia Friends is an Alzheimer's Society initiative designed to inform, educate and give guidance on how to effectively support and interact with those living with dementia. Please follow this link for further information using the code: Huc29418 to access the media.

This site has so much useful information it's worthy of being at the top of the list. Nice tabs, tuner, scales to practice, chord charts and an interesting reverse chord "Namer".  Give it a go, you'll enjoy this one.

Jim's Songs

A "go to" site for many ukulele groups. Over 3,000 tabs with chord charts and searchable index.  Sometimes the arrangements are a bit odd, but can be easily adapted. 

Klaus Schindler Music

Check out his Ukulele tabs. Probably for the more advanced players, but well worth the effort. All in downloadable pdf format. Have a go at "Air on G". Don't worry about the low G tuning, it still works.

Special Discount Offer

The Music Inn: 28 - 34 Alfreton Road, Nottingham NG7 3NG

A veritable wonderland of musical instruments and accessories. Try getting someone from Amazon to set up, tune and demonstrate your latest must have thingy.

Oh, and does that one over there suit me better?

The nice people at The Music Inn are also offering a 10% discount off strings, accessories and Ukuleles to personal shoppers. Just say the magic words: "I'd like a HUG". Ok, you might have to do a bit more explaining and bookmark or screen-shot this page.