Introduction to the Ukulele

Guest Speaker available for your meetings

Guaranteed to liven up the proceedings 

And now for something completely different

At HUGs we are passionate about the ukulele and would love to share our enthusiasm with you.

So, we have put together a short presentation showing the versatility of this wonderful happy little instrument.

A member of the HUGs group would be pleased to present our 

Introduction to the Ukulele

The presentation takes around 30 - 45 minutes and includes:

 A short history of the Ukulele

Connection to Hucknall

Famous Ukulele Players

Demonstration of different types and sizes

Demonstration of different playing styles

About the Hucknall Ukulele Group

Q & A session

For further details please contact

The group is funded by sponsorships and donations

which are always gratefully received.

The Hucknall Ukulele Group is a voluntary run, not for profit community organisation. Making music, making friends, where perfection is optional.

We use music to bring people together, combat loneliness and promote self confidence, wellbeing.... and of course, a good old sing-song.

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