Evening Format


A Ukulele Group for all ages and abilities

HUGs the Hucknall Ukulele Group,

now has a regular Tuesday evening venue at

The Bowman, Nottingham Road, Hucknall NG15 7PY

The format for the evening is generally as follows:

You don't have to sing well or play well; it's a bit of fun, but you'll surprise yourself at how much you will improve in a short time. There will always be someone to help.

6:30pm: Either chat in the bar, say hello, welcome anyone new and meet old friends, or join in one of the Ukulele Workshops in the upstairs function room.

7:00pm: Meet upstairs to the function room where, probably after a bit more chat, we try a few 2 or 3 chord songs as a bit of a warm up.

From then onwards we go around the room where people can either

choose a song for the group from one of the

Song Books, perhaps perform a solo, or simply pass and enjoy the evening.

There is no pressure what-so-ever

At around 8:00pm we break for about 15 minutes and then continue on until 9:00pm.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and we're on a mission to bring the happy sound of the Ukulele to masses.

If you don’t know a chord, just stop and catch up later. There's always someone around to help out.... so don't be shy.

If you are an absolute beginner, need a refresher or want to know more, check out our Ukulele Workshops. Don't understand!!, pop along, someone will know what it's on about.

Everyone welcome regardless of age or ability.

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There will always be a few printed copies available to borrow on the evening.

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