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1. Safeguarding

Our safeguarding policy sets out how HUG’s operates to keep adults at risk of abuse or neglect and children safe from abuse. The policy is about stopping abuse where it is happening and preventing abuse where there is a risk that it may occur.

There is a Duty of Care to volunteers and service users. The protection and safety of adults at risk and children whether they are volunteers and/or participants in our activities is a priority. We will endeavour to protect and support the volunteers who work with us as well as users of our services.

All citizens of the United Kingdom have their rights enshrined within the Human Rights Act 1998. Children’s legislation includes the Children's Act 1989 and 2004.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. For the safeguarding policy to be effective every individual involved, who supports us whatever their role, will play their part in keeping people safe.

2. Definitions

Adult at risk of abuse or neglect

For the purposes of this policy, adult at risk refers to someone over 18 years old who, according to paragraph 42.1 of the Care Act 2014:

If someone has care and support needs but is not currently receiving care or support from a health or care service, they may still be an adult at risk

Children and young people are defined as those persons aged under 18 years old. This policy will apply to all volunteers and will be used to support their involvement. “Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children” is defined in Working Together 2018 as:


3. Persons affected by this policy

4. Our Policy: HUG’s has a zero-tolerance approach to abuse.

In the absents of the Safeguarding Lead, all concerns should be reported directly to the police.


Reviewed 3rd April 2023