Frequently Asked Questions

Who are HUGs?

The Hucknall Ukulele Group is a not for profit community group. Essentially to promote playing the ukulele for fun, although all musicians are welcome. The emphasis is on playing and making music together. Somewhere to meet like minded people and enjoy the evening. If in the meanwhile it helps with confidence and well-being, all the better, and no one should be excluded due to financial hardship. 

How much does it cost?

Currently nothing, nada, freeeeeeeee. The nice people at The Bowman have been extremely supportive of this community initiative. There's no obligation, but making music is thirsty work, especially in a pub........... :-)  We also have a commercial sponsor The Animal Doctor who helps out with some of the costs.

However,  everything costs money, the website, songbooks, group insurance.  If you would like to make a donation or sponsor and event, please contact HUGs on: hucknallukes@gmail.com

Who can come?

The reason the group is held early evening is to make it as convenient as possible for people to attend, particularly those who may be working. Absolute beginners, advance and accomplished musicians are all welcome, or you can just sit at the back and have a laugh with the rest of us. If you are an absolute beginner, need a refresher or want to know more, check out our Beginner's Sessions.

Where is the location and what are the facilities?

The Bowman PH & Hotel is on the main Nottingham Road between Bulwell and Hucknall. The car park is huge as is the upstairs function room. 

Unfortunately being on the first floor there are no specific disabled facilities (lift etc.) although there will always be someone around to help with mobility issues and the main ground floor area has disabled access.

Directions: Bus & Tram

The nearest  bus stop is almost outside the Bowman car park. The nearest tram stop is at Butlers Hill (8 minute walk).

See: The Bowman website

I'm still learning, will I be out of my depth?

No, absolutely not. Beginners are always welcome. The best way to learn is to play with other people. All the song sheets have chord diagrams, some even have hints and tips on playing techniques. 

For a limited period we will be running Beginner's Sessions. Aimed at the absolute novice, or maybe you just need a refresher.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Take a look at Phil Doleman's video on Ukulele Clubs under the [Inspiration Tab]. If you don't know the chord, just stop and catch up later... that's what other people do!!

More accomplished players will generally lead the songs and you can just join in. Hopefully we'll have some solos to enjoy as well.

What about Gigs and Shows?

Ukulele groups are always a favourite entertainment at events, and often invited to perform in a variety of locations. Sometimes combining with other groups for special occasions. Over time we will develop a "Performance Song Book" of 20 popular well rehearsed songs from the main song book. We will also have a separate Christmas Song book. Although we do not accept payment, donations to the group's chosen charity The Alzheimer's Society are always gratefully received and passed on in full.

What if I don't want to play with a load of numpty beginners?

Firstly the group will generally be a mix of ages, experience and abilities. Secondly, we may be striving for supreme excellence and with the help of the group we will all improve over time. So, if you need to ask this question, the answer is "This is probably not the group for you.", but give it a go, you might be surprised. The emphasis is a bit of fun, enjoyment and then excellence (maybe).

Is there an age limit?

Not really, you can be very old and still enjoy yourself. However we all have a duty of care towards ourselves and each other. We meet in a pub, so any children must be accompanied by a responsible adult and adult humour abounds.