Song Books

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HUG's Tuesday Songbook

This is a collection of over 100 songs in most genres which is used as the basis for the weekly Tuesday sing-a-play-a-long evenings.

There will always be a few printed songbooks available to borrow on the evening.

The song pages are numbered and listed alphabetically on the front page. Each song is accompanied by suggested chord diagrams although you may have your own variations.

HUG's Tuesday Supplement

A collection of 40 songs starting with 2 and 3 chords suitable for beginners plus a selection of recommendations and requests.

Electronic Copies (PDF's)

The best way to download the songbook is by pdf file onto a tablet or laptop. Android, Apple and Microsoft work in a very similar way. You will probably also need to download one of the free pdf reader applications from either Google Play Store or App Store . If you're having problems, just ask.

When the songbook is updated, all you have to do is delete the old copy and download the new one in its place. There will probably be quite a few updates in the beginning as we adjust things to suit the group.

By "pinching out" on touchscreen tablets you can enlarge the index and navigate through the list. Touching (or clicking) on the links "should" take you to the relevant page.

Download and Print

If after downloading you prefer printed copies, there are exactly 121 pages including the cover, which when printed fit neatly into the 120 page Eco-binders available at Amazon (other retailers available).

Any pages which are updated through errors or suggestions can be individually downloaded and printed here. There's no need to do the whole lot again.

Still having trouble?

Send us an email to: and we will send you the latest pdf as an attachment for you to download.

Christmas Songbook

This is now available for download either from the HUG's Google Drive or our facebook page files.

Auld Lang Syne: Download our Pub Copy