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There comes a time when you just have to do things properly. It's all very well a bunch of mates putting on a show, but whether you are invited, paid or not, as the group and individuals we can still be held responsible if things go wrong, and they sometimes do.

This was highlighted by an invitation from a local Borough Council to provide some well deserved entertainment through their Independent Living Schemes.  A requirement (and not unreasonable in my opinion) is that we have Public Liability Insurance (PLI).

It's often a misconception that we would be covered by their PLI. This is never the case, as their insurance covers their responsibility, not ours.

Why do some venues ask for PLI and other don't?

This might sound a bit harsh, but why should they bother.? If you cause an incident, it's down to you, not them. You are the person who will get sued and possibly lose you house. Councils and public bodies tend to be slightly more risk averse. In a way they see it as protecting us from ourselves and the public interest as a whole.

Why Employers Liability Insurance?

Legally, even if you volunteer, you are considered an employee of the group when performing as HUGs at an event. Yup, I know it sounds daft, but that's how it is. 

See our ELI Policy Certificate

I know we've only just started, but I believe passionately that the friendships, skills and self confidence we are developing will only strengthen as hopefully we grow in numbers and move forward. These gigs are fun and gives some of us the focus we need in our playing.

Seeing the enjoyment of the residents and staff at our performances, and that of the HUG's volunteers, how could we turn down the opportunity to repeat this on a regular basis.

If you are also part of another group and need advice or a quote, please see: 

Here's the second year's PLI and ELI just to get us going....   Mike

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