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Attendance is desirable, ability is optional, fun is  compulsory

Herding cats has nothing on a Ukulele group. 

Herding cats has nothing on organising a ukulele group performance

Below you will find below a list of performances which will be updated as we go along.

Our current Performance Songbook is available for download [HERE]


Muzodo is a program for herding ukulele cats which I have on a trial until the end of March 2024.  Once you sign up from a link, it should list all the performances with options YES / NO /MAYBE. You can then see how many have registered and for what. You can update the details whenever you want, add to your own calendar, change your mind etc. and it logs everything in one place....yippee.  It also has a very nice phone app. I can then use the list to update, confirm etc. by email in the usual way.... it is wonderful.


Unless otherwise stated, all performances are indoors, group tops or dark /black attire plus a bit of colour. You might want to join in on our optional second set fancy hat and shoes competition. We generally do 2 x 30 minute sets. Normal dark attire for the first set then add the hats for the second. We will get the audience to choose the best shoes at the end of the first set, and hats halfway through the second set. There will be prizes for both. Please aim to be at venues 15 minutes before the start. Let's go and make a difference....

Wednesday 7th February 2024

Park House Care Home

208 Cinder Hill Rd, Bulwell, NG6 8SB [MAP]

Performance: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Registration: [Muzodo]

Park House Care Home: A bit of a sing-song

Access to the care home is via Park Chase which is on your right coming out of Bulwell, just before the Headstocks pub.  A very friendly venue where both residents and staff join in enthusiastically.

We are limited to around 12 performers (ish).

Wednesday 14th February 2024

Derbyshire Stroke Center

Holmewood, Chesterfield S42 5US [MAP]

Performance: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Registration: [Muzodo]

Derbyshire Stroke Centre: A bit of a sing-song

This was a great success last year and we get to do it all again.

No real limit to performers (large area), we took 15 last year, and the staff were particularly enthusiastic.

Car sharing will be arranged from Hucknall.

Wednesday 28th February 2024

Sherwood House Residential Home

Main Street, Linby, Nottingham NG15 8AE [MAP]

Performance: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

-Fully Subscribed-

Fully Subscribed: Sherwood House Residential Home

A small care home (19 beds) ranging in age from 80 to over a hundred years old. The idea is to fill the home with music and song and have a laugh with the staff and any residents we can find. I'm working on cake and tea angle.

We are limited to around 8 performers (ish).

Tuesday 26th March 2024

Hucknall United Reformed Church

Farleys Grove,  Hucknall NG15 6FG [MAP]

Performance: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Registration: [Muzodo]

Breath Easy Group: A bit of a sing-song

They provide support and information for people living with asthma and other lung conditions. They also provide specially adapted respiratory exercise classes to help control breathlessness, boost confidence and wellbeing. 

No limited to performers.

Thursday 18th April 2024

Salvation Army, High Street Hucknall

High Street,  Hucknall NG15 7HJ [MAP]

Performance: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Registration: [Muzodo]

Salvation Army, Over 60's Club: A bit of a sing-song

We've been invited to provide a bit of entertainment for the regular meeting and with a usual attendance of between 30 - 40 people it should be quite something.  The hall is quite large.

No limit on performers for this one

Thursday 31st October 2024

Jubilee Court Care Home

Nabbs Lane, Hucknall NG15 6HB [MAP]

Performance: 2:30 - 3:30pm

Registration: [Muzodo]

Jubilee Court Care Home: Halloween Party

A chance to dress to scare, and if last year was anything to go by, it should be another fantastic afternoon.

This is a very special venue for a number of reasons.

We are limited to around 14 performers (ish).

Tuesday 31st December 2024

Jubilee Court Care Home

Nabbs Lane, Hucknall NG15 6HB [MAP]

Performance: 2:30 - 3:30pm

Registration: [Muzodo]

Jubilee Court Care Home: New Year's Eve Party

It might seem odd having a New Year's Eve party in the middle of the day, but where needs must! It'll seem odd singing Auld Lang Syne in the afternoon, but maybe use it as a warm up for whatever you have planned later.

We are limited to around 14 performers (ish).