HUG's Performance Troop

and friends

We try harder, and harder, and harder.....

Attendance is desirable, ability is optional, fun is  compulsory 


The HUG's Performance Troop is made up of regular Hucknall Ukulele Group players, and quite often a guest or two. 

We perform a variety of genres and can tailor our performances to most occasions. Our speciality is simply a good old sing-song, but we'll have a go at almost anything. 

As a result and in consideration of our members, your premises/ staff and audience we provide our own Public and Volunteer Liability Insurance (a general requirement when performing) together with our

Compliance Statements




The Hucknall Ukulele Group is a not for profit community organisation.

As a group, all the volunteer performers play and travel at their own expense but we do have a need for ongoing financial support towards our insurances, music, songbooks, website, repairs and maintenance etc.

For performances we do ask for a voluntary donation which in the past has been anything from £30 - 50. We will always receipt cash payments or provide our group bank transfer details.

Where this is not possible we are still committed to playing for free, but cake and tea are always appreciated.

Performing at events and particularly nursing and care homes has proven to be a source of enjoyment for residents, staff, and our performers alike.



Or, maybe you would like a guest speaker to demonstrate and extol the virtues of the Ukulele.

We use music to bring people together, combat loneliness and promote self confidence, wellbeing.... and of course, a good old sing-song. 


It can be a very sad world

We received an email from someone saying:

 "Why do you bother as these places are commercial enterprises, charging a fortune, paying minimum wages and just looking for cheap or free entertainment".

Well if we did it for the money we'd all starve!!!!

Sometimes we get a donation, sometimes we don't. Some venues are amazing, some are more difficult, and some even give us cake.

If you've ever joined us for that hour or so, watching severely affected dementia sufferers tapping their feet or suddenly lip synching to a song.

Or the guy who started crying and laughing at the same time because he suddenly remembered his departed wife's favourite song.

Or watching the staff dancing with the residents, joining in the singing and having a laugh with us all....

Or the lady whose first words to us when we arrived were:

"Have you come to take me home?". And, whose words to us as we left were:  "I really enjoyed that, when are you coming again?".

Or the residential care home where the audience out sang the troop.

Shouldn't mention the performance where some of the staff started dancing on the table unless our insurance company reads this.

That's why I do it.