Hucknall Ukulele Group

A Ukulele group for all ages and abilities



Nottingham Road, Hucknall NG15 7PY

The Hucknall Ukulele Group is a voluntary run, not for profit community organisation.

Making music, making friends, perfection is optional fun is essential.

Come and join us

We are a  ukulele / music group where it's a real pleasure to see absolute beginners progress and the more experienced players display their talents. Everyone welcome, pop in and say hello.

We use music to bring people together, combat loneliness, promote self confidence, wellbeing.... and of course, a good old sing-song. 

We have Ukulele Starter Sessions the first Tuesday every month.

Free Ukulele Loan in association with Hucknall Library.

The songbooks have also been a great success with a mixture of styles and genres from simple two chord tunes to the absolutely ridiculous.

Something for everyone.

If you don't have one already, treat yourself, drop hints, or treat someone else to a Ukulele. You will never regret it. Join us on Facebook. We also have a special discount arrangement with a local music shop, see: Special Discount Offer

Don't know where to start?

Check out our beginners page and lessons page with Phil's brilliant videos.

HUG's Performance Troop

We often get asked to entertain and play at events. There is no better way to have a bit of fun, concentrate the mind, and possibly give a bit of focus to our playing.

Help us, to help you. See details here.

HUG's Merchandise

Presents and gifts for the Ukulele Player who has everything, see here.

As the late, great George Harrison of the Beatles once wrote:

Everyone I know who is into the ukulele is crackers,

you can't play it and not laugh!” 

Come and find out what you're missing.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

We support various charities, one of which is the Alzheimer's Society.

Angela Rippon is one of their ambassadors.