Ukulele Workshops

Complimentary Beginner / Refresher/ Improver Workshops

Don't lose the fun....

Whether you are an absolute beginner, been playing for a bit or an accomplished virtuoso, there's nothing quite like joining in the fun with other ukulele enthusiasts.

Books and YouTube are all very well, but nothing will replace a bit of help and advice from an experienced player. "Have you tried it like this?", "That looks awkward, how about moving your hand here?". And.... you can ask questions, and it's free.

The art of an experienced mentor / teacher is to adapt concepts to the abilities and aptitude of the student. This is particularly important when just starting out on your musical journey. There's nothing more rewarding than sharing a passion, so let's try.

Workshop Format: 6:30 pm at the Bowman

The workshops are run on an informal basis in the function room at the Bowman from 6:30 - 7:00pm every Tuesday evenings, immediately before the main sessions. The first few minutes will be used to chat, tune and set up the ukuleles. Then if you wish you can stay, join in or simply watch the main group music sessions.... or whatever. All are welcome, no need to book, just turn up.

It's appreciated that not everyone can commit to a formal lesson plan, and most generally pick up bits and pieces of tuition from a variety of sources. We have therefore created a series of workshop modules (1 - 5) aimed at the beginner to work through in the comfort of their own home. There are videos as well. Working at your own pace. The great thing is that you can come along to any of the workshops, ask questions, seek advice or demonstrations... can't do that on YouTube!!!! How do I start?

Absolute Beginners

Workshops are a great way to start. You'll also meet other beginners. Remember, everyone would have been in your position at one time. Quite often we all learn something from each other. More experienced players will be able to help, maybe suggesting different fingering positions to try etc. Watch the videos, use the workshop notes and ask questions.

Mixed Ability Workshops

Need help in tuning, setting up the ukulele, changing strings, what does this mean?

The workshops are here to help. Depending on the group dynamics from week to week, the Bowman function room is ideal facility with ample space to provide for mixed ability groups.

You'll be sure of a warm welcome

If it sounds right, it is right…