HUG's Performance Troop

and friends

We try harder, and harder, and harder.....

Attendance is desirable, ability is optional, fun is  compulsory 


The HUG's Performance Troop is made up of regular HUG's players, quite often with a guest or two.  We perform a variety of genres and can tailor our performances to most occasions. Our speciality is simply a good old sing-song, but we'll have a go at almost anything.

The troop are all volunteers, giving their time, happy to entertain and have a bit of fun themselves. We are keen amateur ukulele enthusiasts who will often turn up to the opening of a paper bag if invited. 

Biscuits and a cup of tea are always appreciated.

The group is funded by sponsorships and donations

which are always gratefully received.

Or, maybe you would like a guest speaker to extol the virtues of the Ukulele.

We use music to bring people together, combat loneliness and promote self confidence, wellbeing.... and of course, a good old sing-song. 

We have been sponsored by the Mid Notts Dementia Friendly Communities Partnership, Animal Doctor, Councillors Lee Waters and David Shaw.

As a result and inconsideration of our members, your premises/ staff and audience we provide Public Liability Insurance (a general requirement when performing) together with our

Compliance Statements

Fancy Joining the Troop?

Join our mailing list and/or facebook group for details of upcoming events. There will be a simple signup form.

This may seem a lot of faff, but it comes as a result of previously well published problems in care homes over the years. We understand some homes may / may not have a guest book, not require PL insurance or even know how many of us turn up. At HUGs we want us to comply with best practice whatever the circumstances.

We've kept it simple. Fill in the form and click submit. Everything else will be taken care of. Just let us know if you have to cancel. Please don't just tell us directly (we forget) or get someone else to tell me (we forget).

Why have we introduced a group booking system for performances? It's to comply with best practice for playing in nursing and care homes which we may as well extend to all our performances to avoid any confusion.

Firstly we may be required to identify and produce a list of performers' names on the day of the performance. This is not unreasonable to avoid complete strangers wandering around a care home. In the event of something going wrong we might have to verify the list (so we hadn't just made it up), the booking form keeps an online list.

We often need to produce Public Liability Insurance to cover the group when performing. As with most groups we don't have an official membership so we need to identify participants on the day. This also applies to the volunteer insurance we have.